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Developer(s) SecureMix LLC
Stable release 1.0.35b / January, 2015
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Firewall
License Proprietary
Website GlassWire Homepage

GlassWire is a free Personal Firewall and Network Monitor developed by SecureMix. The software includes a network security monitoring feature that alerts the user to online threats including changes in network related files, ARP spoofing, Proxy changes, DNS changes, Host File changes, and suspicious hosts.

GlassWire visualizes all end-point network activity on an easy to use graph[1] that helps the user understand what their computer is doing in the background. Users can block any network connection connection via the "Firewall" tab[2] that shows a list of applications currently accessing the network along with what host they are currently communicating with. The GlassWire "Usage" tab show more detailed information about what hosts and applications are generating the most data over the network. GlassWire can alert the user if their device is getting close to using a certain amount of bandwidth so the user can stay under their ISP data limit.

GlassWire was given a 4.5 out of 5 stars by PCWorld Magazine.[3]

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